what does it all mean?

What does it all mean?

Savings Progress: Amount saved for retirement as a percent of total estimated need. This number also reflects adjustments based on age and number of savings years remaining to age 65.*

Savings Score: Amount saved for retirement as a multiple of annual household income.*

National Averages:

Savings Progress: Americans have saved just 39% of what they think they will need for retirement.

Savings Score: Americans have, on average, saved 2.42 times their annual income.

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*Based on the answers to these questions from VOYACompareMe.com:

  • How much have you saved for retirement?
  • Approximately how much do you think you will need to save to live the life you expect in retirement?
  • Annual household income (mid-point of selection ranges used) (required answer to enter the site)

How are Americans across the country saving for retirement?

Let’s see how the people in each state compare on their savings progress and goals.*

take a look


People living in


Have saved
of what they estimate they will need for retirement
(Rank: in Nation)


Have saved times their annual income
for retirement
(Rank: in Nation)

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